The walls of your house are integral to the safety and comfort of you and your family. When your exterior siding is aged or falling apart, you can count on us for repair and installation to maintain its integrity and weather-blocking capabilities. Our siding service can help refresh your home's exterior while providing superior protection and insulation.

Our drywall services replace damaged or worn drywall and can install new drywall for your interiors as part of your remodel. If you opted for a home addition within the house, our drywall services would outline the new area as we build.

Don't forget to have everything covered - our roofing services can remove old shingles and tiles and install brand new roofing to keep your home protected. Our drop ceiling services help hide any infrastructure, such as plumbing, piping, and HVAC, while also providing good acoustics for the room. 

Finally, ask about our tile contractor, as we offer tiles for both ceiling and floors - this versatile material type does double duty, both above and below you. We'll make sure to have everything installed with our precision and expertise.

For quality and reliability for these services and more in Mount Vernon, IN, give Posey County Home Improvement a call to find out how we can help you with your renovation.