One of the quickest methods of general home improvement is giving your walls, cabinets, or fencing a new layer of paint. Everything is better with some color - and your home renovation will look its best after a fresh coat of paint. Timing is everything: if you've chosen us for several different projects, we'll do your painting in such a way that nothing else is accidentally stained or damaged. With Posey County Home Improvement, we offer several painting services that are a great way to increase your house's overall appeal and improve property value.

For exterior painting, the paint itself plays a role in reducing damage from the outdoors, prevents damage from insects and infestations, and can increase the lifespan of your current siding. The shade you select can also affect the atmosphere of your property, so we'll help you choose wisely.

Interior painting can give each of your different rooms their personality and mood. For example, a dreamy, sleepy mood can be invoked with soft or muted colors, while a space intended for high-energy - such as an indoor workout area - can have bright, bold accents.

The possibilities for hues that suit your style are limitless, so call us for our painting services in Mount Vernon, IN, or for a consultation.